I was looking for something that would work rapidly and safely, and I found TAT
To overcome learning disabilities
To heal and change almost everything that disturbs or annoys you
There is no need to tell me the whole story I only need the general direction

Welcome to the home of TAT in Israel

We, Eliezer and Chava Spetter, are pleased to present to you
the technique known as:  TAT ® (Tapas AcupressureTechnique ®)
Good and deep healing of body and soul in Israel and worldwide. The method helps in curing all walks of life.

The Institute "Eli-Ezer" is the only place in Israel that teaches TAT , since 2000, to become a licenced TAT Professional.

A new TAT group for women in Jerusalem will begin on
6-7/9/2017 טו-טז אלול

The new group for men will meet in Jerusalem on
13-14/9/2017 כב-כג אלול

Those interested in participating can contact us at   054-7638010 (Chavah)

what is TAT?

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We can help you with:

Additional healing techniques offered in our clinic:

The Journey® , Visionary Leadership Conscious Coaching,
EFT ,NLP, Psych-K and EmoTranceTM , Ohr Binah


"Beware: Some people simply call themselves TAT Practitioners as a general term claiming that they do TAT. However, this term is not legal and could easily lead people to incorrectly assume that someone advertising themselves as a TAT Practitioner is certified by TATLife’s current Certification Program, so ask them if they are certified TAT Professionals."

A must to watch this video . The real explanation of what cancer is


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What is TAT?
A Conversation between Eliezer and Tapas Fleming, founder of TAT

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