I was looking for something that would work rapidly and safely, and I found TAT
To overcome learning disabilities
To heal and change almost everything that disturbs or annoys you
There is no need to tell me the whole story I only need the general direction

Welcome to the home of TAT in Israel

We, Eliezer and Chava Spetter, are pleased to present to you
the technique known as:  TAT ® (Tapas AcupressureTechnique ®)
Good and deep healing of body and soul in Israel and worldwide. The method helps in curing all walks of life.

The Institute "Eli-Ezer" is the only place in Israel that teaches TAT , since 2000, to become a licenced TAT Professional.

A new TAT group for women in Jerusalem will begin on
6-7/6/2018 כג -כד סיוון

The new group for men will meet in Jerusalem on
27-28/6/2018 יד-טו תמוז

Those interested in participating can contact us at   054-7638010 (Chavah)

what is TAT?

TAT is a self-help technique which allows the true you to flourish and grow. TAT is used to release inhibitions and worries, traumatic stress, inhibiting mental perceptions, and to rid yourself of negative allergies. TAT is so powerful that it sometimes feels like a miracle. Providing you with a clean slate to build your life. TAT can help you can find inner peace, positive outlook, freedom, power and self confidence.

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We can help you with:

Additional healing techniques offered in our clinic:

The Journey® , Visionary Leadership Conscious Coaching,
EFT ,NLP, Psych-K and EmoTranceTM , Ohr Binah


"Beware: Some people simply call themselves TAT Practitioners as a general term claiming that they do TAT. However, this term is not legal and could easily lead people to incorrectly assume that someone advertising themselves as a TAT Practitioner is certified by TATLife’s current Certification Program, so ask them if they are certified TAT Professionals."

A must to watch this video . The real explanation of what cancer is


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What is TAT?
A Conversation between Eliezer and Tapas Fleming, founder of TAT

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